Customize EuroDeco Products

Cannot find the product you want? Not a Problem. Just follow the steps below to customize your desired Euro Deco products with ease.

Design Flow

1.Design Brief Submission

Please provide us with the detailed design brief, product requirements of your preferred customized products.

2.Mold development

We will then find the most suitable mold amongst our existing mold list that suits your requirements. If no existing mold suits your requirement, we will develop a new mold specially for your need.

Order Flow


Up front deposit is required (30% of the order amount)

2.Production in process

• Existing mold: 2 months after order is made
• Newly developed mold: 3 months after order is made

3.Payable balance

Remaining balance has to be paid in full before shipment of your order


Approximate shipment time is one month (subject to change depends on customer location)

Our Projects

Euro Deco’s high quality products can been seen all around the world in high class hotels, resorts and more.

See all projects
See all projects

Benefits of Customizing EuroDeco Products

  • Tailor-made

    Customization available to suit your product requirements.

  • Experienced

    We have been producing PU architectural materials for 30+ years with sound reputation.

  • Fast

    We guarantee timely delivery of products.

  • Quality Garanteed

    ISO9001 certified. Every piece of product has to meet our strict QC standard before shipment to our customers.


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